Avrocil™ -
Cold & Flu Aid

By Tabernacle Health Group

Avrocil™ Cold & Flu Aid (30 Capsules)

Product Description:
Avrocil™- Cold and Flu Aid is a Chinese Proprietary Medicine manufactured in Singapore and available online. Avrocil™ Cold and Flu Aid detoxifies, clears the body of heaty elements, and is traditionally used for cough, sputum, pharyngitis, and sore throat. Avrocil ™ Cold and Flu Aid also relieves symptoms of mouth ulcers.
Avrocil™'s - Cold and Flu Aid's key ingredients include Spica Prunellae, Herbal Lophateri , Fructus Momordicae, Radix Arnebiae, Flos Chrysanthemi Indici and Herba Artemisiae Scopariae.

Product Summary
Avrocil™ is a Chinese Proprietary Medicine to aid cold and flu symptoms. Avrocil – Cold and Flu Aid Chinese Proprietary Medicine product will be available online by Feb 2022 Singapore Retail Price is 35 SGD for 30 capsules.

Update: Avrocil™ For Immune Health will be replaced with Avrocil™ - Cold & Flu Aid (Chinese Proprietary Medicine – without Vitamin D) by end Feb 2022.

What does Avrocil™ comprise of:


3 times per day for 4 capsules each time (4 hours interval)
* Note To be consumed after meal.

Dietary restrictions:
Consumer is advised against the use of alcohol, fructose (fruits), seafood, chicken/egg and dairy products for best effects. The formula will need to be consumed every 4 hours for optimal results. Please consult healthcare professional if symptoms persist.
Advertisement Permit Number : MAHP2200056

About Avrocil™  imageAbout Avrocil™  image
Avrocil™ is in Isetan@Scotts Nishino Pharmacy!

Avrocil™ is in Isetan@Scotts Nishino Pharmacy!

Avrocil™ - Cold & Flu Aid is available at Isetan@Scotts Nishino Pharmacy! While stock lasts!

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Dr Musa Kiyani, MD

Board Advisor, Research and Development

Dr Musa Kiyani, MD, MBA (in progress). He is a graduate from Duke-NUS, and leads the medical research arm at Tabernacle Health Group. Dr Musa has previously worked with patients at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC and in public hospitals across Singapore in various specialties

Jesslyn Wong

Founder, C.E.O.

Jesslyn Wong is the Founder and CEO of Tabernacle Health Group and has vast experiences running companies with global footprints and across industries such as bio-technology, information technology, Fin-Tech as well as Deep Space. She has been awarded Top 25 under 35 Global CIO award in 2019. She has also been recently featured in NBC, Fox and CBS affiliates media.

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